Dream of: 13 December 1992 "Bank Robbery"

I seemed to be in the historic Bonneyfiddle area of Portsmouth. I walked past a black man (perhaps 40 years old) sitting in a wheelchair on the sidewalk. He appeared to have lost both legs, and I vaguely remembered a story where he had first lost one leg and then the other. He appeared to be selling something. I felt feel sorry for him, but I walked on by.

A black girl (around 12 years old) walked up to the man and began pushing him. Not far away was a strange looking structure which appeared to be a dilapidated pyramid, perhaps 20 meters tall. It was black and appeared to be granite.

The girl, having reached the pyramid, began backing up the steps, pulling the wheel chair. She was moving quickly and (it appeared to me) carelessly. All it would take was one slip and the man could be sent tumbling back down the steps to his death or serious injury.

I followed them until she reached the top, a flat area barely two meters square. The girl mis-stepped and one wheel of the wheel chair almost went off the edge. But she seemed completely unconcerned, as was the black man. They only seemed interested in the view.

Finally she began pushing the wheel chair back down the steps and they quickly departed. I, however, had much more trouble descending. I now realized just how steep the steeps were. They appeared to be almost perpendicular. I turned facing the pyramid and put my arms around it like a pole. I then was able to slowly shimmy down the side, feeling with my feet for each step as I proceeded.


Back on the ground, I still seemed to be in the same general Bonneyfiddle area, only now I was in what appeared to be a bank. People in front of the bank were crowding to get in, and as they entered, one woman who seemed to be an employee of the bank was taking their pictures with a small black camera. At about the same time, she and I noticed that four or five men carrying rather strange-looking musical instruments were coming through the door. Both of us quickly realized the instruments were actually weapons and that the men were going to hold up the bank.

Once the men had revealed the weapons and their intentions, one grabbed the camera from the woman. She quickly pulled out a small movie camera from behind her head and continued filming. One man likewise snatched it from her

One man went to a drawer and pulled out some thick envelopes. He opened one to verify that it was filled with money. It was. The men began stuffing the envelopes and money into bags.

One opened another drawer which contained small boxes which appeared to have some kind of film in them. The man told me to put the film in a container he had. I did so, but I purposely let one box of film fall on the floor beside the wall. The man didn't notice it.


After the men had completed their robbery and departed, the owner of the bank returned. Although unclear, he appeared to be my father (not my actual father), even though he only looked as if he were in his late 20s. He was thin, had black hair and was nicely dressed. I discussed the robbery with him, and showed him the film that I had let drop. I couldn't tell if the box of film would be of any importance.


The owner of the bank was in the bathroom with a girl (probably in her early teens). She was cleaning a ring of grime inside the bathtub. Apparently they were concerned about people seeing the dirty tub. The bizarre thing was that the man was standing naked in front of the girl. I wondered if he often did that.

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