Dream of: 05 December 1992 (3) "Indian Attack"

Five other men and I were riding horses on a prairie. When a few Indians approached us as if they were going to attack, we fended them off and we kept on riding.

When we looked back behind us again, we saw a whole tribe of perhaps 100 Indians on the horizon coming toward us. We all had rifles, but we realized we were in serious trouble. The land all around us was flat, but we could see a small creek up ahead. I thought if we could reach the creek, we might find some cover. So we rode as fast as we could toward the creek. I worried, however, that since the creek was lower than the surrounding land, we would be at a disadvantage because the Indians would be able to attack us from above. 

Another creek in a better position was also nearby, but I didn't think we had time to reach the second creek. In fact, we didn't even reach the first creek before the Indians were on top of us. I contemplated my options. I might be able to circle around to the side and begin firing my rifle into the mass of Indians. But what would happen when I ran out of bullets and I had to reload? The Indians would then be able to attack me as I reloaded. 

Obviously I was in a terrible predicament. 

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