Dream of: 05 December 1992 (2) "Injured Policeman"

I was asleep in a house (which resembled the Grandview Avenue House) where my mother was living. When I was awakened by a noise from outside behind the house, I picked up a gun, and with my mother, went to the back door. I opened the door and through the darkness, even though I couldn't see well, I discovered two men standing outside. I pointed my gun at them, but then abruptly I realized they were policeman, and I blurted, "I've got a gun, but I'm putting it down."

As I laid my gun down, they pulled out their guns and pointed them at me. They walked toward me, but began to relax when they were sure I had laid my gun down. Now I noticed that a little boy and a dog were also with the policemen. Apparently the dog had attacked one of the policemen. The whole left side of the policeman had been mangled and I could see where the dog's teeth had clamped through the policeman's ear. 

I told the policemen I would fetch some water for the wounds, and with my mother I went back inside and retrieved a bowl of water. I put a sponge in the bowl and I also grabbed a small face towel. I took everything back out to the policemen. When my mother and I returned to them, we found that several more policeman had arrived and they were all trying to help the injured policeman. We gave them the water. The policeman worked for a while on their injured comrade, and then they all left. 

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