Dream of: 05 December 1992 "Leopard Attack"

I was in a room filled with 20-30 orangish-brown leopards with black spots. I thought all the leopards were beautiful and I enjoyed being with them. They weren't bothering me and I was even lying on my back under a cover with a leopard stretched out between my legs, also lying on its back, with its head near my crotch and its hind legs near my feet. 

The room had glass walls and my sister was standing outside beyond the glass and watching me. Just as I pointed out to her how nice the leopard between my legs was, the leopard seemed to become agitated and began moving around. Suddenly the leopard jumped to its feet and began clawing its way toward my face. I pulled the cover up over me, but the leopard continued clawing and clawing, until it grabbed my hand with its teeth and began biting me. I felt a small piece of my skin being torn off and I knew I was in definite danger. The leopard began to savagely attack me and I tried to fight it off. I rose to my feet, worried the other leopards in the room might also join in the attack -- but they seemed to back off. I tried to beat the leopard off me as I made my way toward the door. 

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