Dream of: 02 December 1992 "Metes And Bounds"

On a sunny day, a class was being held outside, on a gently sloping lawn; about 30-40 people were present for the class. I was supposed to give a talk in front of the class; other people such as Brenda Boley (a Dallas attorney) who was in the audience had given similar talks in the past. I sat down in a chair in front of the class, near a woman and another person who were also sitting and waiting to give a talk to the class. I felt quite nervous, because I was unsure what I was going to say.

When the class finally began, I was asked a question by Kennon (a Texas attorney who worked for the Dallas/Fort Worth bankruptcy trustee's office) who was sitting in the audience. I couldn't seem to hear his question, and two or three times I asked him to repeat the question. He was becoming visibly frustrated. I finally thought I understood the question and I decided to take a jab at answering it. I repeated the question as best as I could. It seemed Kennon was asking about a property dispute. I tried to explain how to determine whether real property belonged to someone. I spoke about the history of how land was measured and I mentioned metes and bounds (nobody knew what metes and bounds were). I told the audience that real property must first be measured to determine exactly how much there was.

At first I had been sitting down, but finally I stood up. I felt much more comfortable standing up in front of everyone.

It turned out that Kennon was functioning as a moderator. He walked up beside me and asked me if I had made fun of someone in the audience while I had been talking. I looked at the person a lanky fellow and at first I was going to say that I would never make fun of someone, but when I looked at the fellow, I said, "No, not recently. Not in the last five minutes."

I said that because I had indeed made fun of the fellow before. Everyone thought my reply was quite funny, and they all began laughing. Someone asked another question and I answered it in a comical way and again everyone started laughing.

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