Dream of: 01 December 1992 (2) "Knife In The Heart"

Some other people and I were visiting an ancient Indian fortification on the top of a hill. It was mostly just rocks and bricks which had been the foundation of a building. The site was quite large. As I traversed the complex, I tried to discern what had been its purpose, whether the Indians had actually lived here.

Even higher up on the hill was yet another group of people. They had some fireworks which they began throwing at our group. We ducked behind some rocks. We were trying to climb up the hill to reach the spot where the other group was. I wasn't exactly sure what was going on, but it appeared that the two groups were engaged in a big game. We circled around the bottom of the hill looking for some way to go up the hill. Finally I saw a log which had been cut out like a ladder. It was lying on the ground going straight up the side of the hill. I stood up and began climbing the ladder until I reached its top. There were a couple of explosions on the way, but when I reached the top, things mellowed out. The rest of my group followed. The battle had stopped and we began milling around again, looking at the site.

I became separated from the rest of the group. Suddenly a black man (about 40 years old) approached me. He was quite thin and about my height. One eye was completely white, as if he were blind in the eye. He also looked as if he were crippled. But he walked up beside me and suddenly grabbed me. He pulled me down on the ground and we began rolling down an incline next to a building. I tried to holler for help, but my voice wouldn't come to me. I didn't know what the man wanted. I thought he might be trying to rob me. I pulled my watch off and stuck it under me. But I knew he had seen me and that now he would know that the watch was there. He held onto me. Finally he pulled out a short broad knife which looked as if it were hand-made. At this point I began to feel rather frightened, thinking he might try to kill me.

Another fellow (a white man, probably in his early 30s) showed up. He was thin and about my height. Just as the new fellow arrived, I was able to break free, and both the black man and the white man ran away. I began chasing them and hollering to other people for help. I thought about first picking up my watch, but I didn't want to stop, so I just continued running. I watched as they ran toward a pond and ran splashing into it. A group of people then jumped into the pond and grabbed the two men. The people held the two in the pond, and by the time I arrived, it looked as if both the men had drowned.

The black man had dropped the knife before going into the pond. I picked it up and jumped into the pond. I saw that the black man had his head down in the water. He was lying on his back. The people were holding onto his arms on both sides. It appeared to me that he was dead. I walked up to him and stabbed the knife into his heart. The knife went in easily, and I lightly pulled it back out. All the people around me saw what I had done and gasped. I now realized the man apparently wasn't dead. Now I was worried. All the people had seen me stab the man, and if he died, I was afraid they might be witnesses against me. I was now concerned about what I had done.

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