Dream of: 01 December 1992 "Futuristic Movie"

I was with a black-haired woman (about 30 years old). She was either my wife or lived with me. Together we had run into Ramo and his wife Jan. I hadn't seen Ramo in a long while and I was happy to see him again. Both he and Jan appeared to be in their 30s. Both seemed relaxed. Since there was a television in the room, we all sat down and began watching a movie together. The movie was futuristic, one that the woman with me and I had already seen. Nevertheless we watched a bit of it. I thought to myself that the first time I had seen the movie, I hadn't understood it. I asked my female companion if she had understood the movie the first time, and she said she likewise hadn't understood the movie. I began talking with Ramo about the movie. I told Ramo that the movie was enjoyable because of the many artistic scenes. Many scenes had a red hue to them. The movie had some animated scenes in, although it wasn't a cartoon. However, at the end, the movie didn't seem to have any meaning. The movie was mostly about a man who was trying to find someone, and scenes of the long drawn-out search. Since I had somewhat enjoyed watching the movie the first time, I hoped that this second time I would understand it more.

I asked Ramo if he remembered that old blue trailer which I used to have, which used to sit out in front of a house which he had. I knew I still owned the trailer, but I couldn't remember exactly where it was. I thought perhaps it was down by the river. Even though the trailer was small, I was thinking about living in it. I knew it had been sitting vacant for quite a while.

I told Ramo and Jan that they could come and visit me any time. I told them I was here part of the time. But then the woman with me interjected that I wasn't here very much. I said I was here perhaps five percent of the time, especially on Friday or Saturday night. I thought those were the times that I was least busy and that I would be able to visit with them if they came. Ramo asked me if that was the only time he could come and visit. I told him no, that he could come any time he wanted to, because I would like to see him if he ever had a chance to drop in on me.

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