Dream of: 26 November 1992 (2) "Trading Partners"

I was at an animal auction where cows were being sold. When it came time for the final auction, a group of cows was supposed to be brought out into a large pen. Many men also crowded into the pen. I learned that if one of the men could kill a cow bare-handed, the man could have that cow.

As soon as the cows were brought in, one fell over dead, and a man began dragging it away. The other men began attacking various cows by either hitting or kicking them. I was disgusted by the entire spectacle.

I learned the cow which had died had spoken, before dying, to the man which had drug the cow away. The cow had told the man it intended to die as soon as it was brought into the pen; so the man had expected the cow to die.

Instead of continuing to watch the auction, I walked over to another section where another type of auction was being held. In my hand I had a list of houses being sold, although it was unclear how the houses were being sold. Apparently the houses had actually been moved off their lots and had been brought to this place to be sold.

The sale proceeded with people bidding on houses and houses being sold. As the end of the sale neared, I noticed one of my legal clients, Mr. Walls, had a house listed to be sold. However when I asked about the house, I learned the house apparently had been lost and it couldn't be found.

When I suddenly heard someone say Walls had arrived, I looked up and saw him, a black man (about 20 years old). I motioned to him to let him know his house was being sold, but he seemed unconcerned. I thought his house was worth about $45,000, which was about the amount he owed on it. I began thinking that if the house was found and sold after most people left the auction, it might be sold cheap. I might even be interested in buying it myself. It might be sold for as low as $500. I wondered if there would be an attorney-client conflict if I were to buy the house, but I decided there wouldn't.

It was nevertheless possible that after the house was sold, Walls might file a bankruptcy to try to have the sale set aside. But that would avail him little, because he would still have to pay the entire $45,000. If I were able to buy the house for $500, I might offer Walls $5,000 not to cause any problems, then I would end up with the house. It seemed like a good idea.

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