Dream of: 26 November 1992 "Dangerous Business"

I was sitting on the passenger side of a large semi-truck which a fellow who looked like Charlie Sheen was driving. Another fellow in his late teens was sitting in the middle. Since I wanted to get out of the truck as soon as I could - probably at the next stop sign - I began gathering together a few things which I had. As we approached the stop sign, I opened the door to hop out. When the driver only slowed down and didn't come to a complete stop, I screamed at him to stop. As the truck finally ground to a stop, I jumped out. When the truck pulled away, I heard the driver and the other fellow laughing, and I hollered out, "Sick!"

After the truck had disappeared, I walked into a small store where I noticed two small baggies of marijuana and some loose marijuana lying on a counter. Apparently the fellow behind the counter was selling the marijuana to another fellow on my side of the counter. When the fellow buying the marijuana wasn't looking, the fellow behind the counter scrapped some of the loose marijuana back to his side.

I observed the transaction. It appeared the buyer was paying $111 for the marijuana.


I was sitting at a table in a restaurant with two teenage girls. One girl (who appeared to be my girlfriend) had gone into business selling marijuana to a few of her friends. She had already made two or three sales.

Suddenly several black fellows walked up to our table and crowded in. As the black fellows sat down on the other side of the table, I saw that my girlfriend was scared and I pulled her around close to me. I knew the black fellows were trying to buy drugs from my girlfriend, and I told her this was what happened when someone started selling drugs. I recalled that I used to sell drugs to black people, but I had known who they were and I hadn't solicited their business. In contrast, although these black fellows obviously wanted to buy drugs, we didn't know who they were. I thought that the drug business was too dangerous and that my girlfriend shouldn't even be selling drugs to begin with.

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