Dream of: 22 November 1992 "Splattered Anti-Freeze"

Steve Weinstein and I had been visiting each other in a place in the country, perhaps the Gallia County Farm. I had enjoyed my visit with Steve, but when the visit ended, I realized neither of us had talked about what we had been doing with our lives, or what books we had read. We had simply enjoyed the day and each other's company; I still felt somewhat empty when our visit was over, as if something had been left out. I thought perhaps the next time we met we would discuss the things we normally did.

When it was time to leave, my brother Chris and I boarded a nice red convertible with the top down which my mother was driving. After we had traveled a ways, I remembered that someone else had been with me earlier in the day, and I had let them borrow my father's car to go to the airport. The person might have even been Weinstein. The person hadn't returned, and I now became concerned that my father's car might have been left at the airport. Since we were going to be traveling a long ways from here, I was uncertain how I would get the car back.

Just then my mother came to the top of a high hill and I could see a large river, the Ohio I supposed, down below. She turned a sharp curve which took us into the center of a town. She complained about how sharp the curve was, and seemed to have trouble diving. We came immediately to an intersection where we wanted to turn right; but I saw a one-way sign to the left. Then I saw another sign on the right which said the street was both directions. My mother turned right.

Some children were crossing the street in front of us, but my mother gave them no mind and continued through them. All were able to get out of the way except one Asia-looking girl (about 9-10 years old). She ran ahead of the car trying to get out of the way while I hollered to my mother to stop.

The girl finally barely managed to escape, while my mother continued on. I screamed at my mother to be careful. I thought I might even have to jump out of the car with Chris. My mother sped around a corner, more distracted than ever with my complaining. She misjudged the corner and ran into the side of a parked car. The whole passenger side of our car hit the parked car.

My mother and I jumped from the car and surveyed the damage. The front fender was pressed against the wheel of our car. Green anti-freeze splattered the ground; had the radiator been damaged? My mother 7began prying on something but stopped. A policeman walked up. He showed me that my mother had been trying to free a hook which held something closed and asked me to do it. He apparently didn't want to get involved. I took a metal wire and pulled on a lever with it, thereby releasing something. The officer got into the car, pulled it up a short ways and got out. He gave me a piece of blue paper and indicated we could go.

My mother and I got back into the car with Chris; but this time I was in the driver's seat. I thought to myself that we had enough money that we could just buy a new car if we wanted and forget this mess. But that didn't seem like the proper way to deal with the problem.

I handed the blue paper to my mother. The officer had written the words "fifty thousand" on it but in a place provided for the actual numbers to be written. My mother began trying to erase the word "fifty" with an eraser. I immediately told her to stop. I explained that the fifty thousand simply referred to the amount of insurance we needed to have and that a lesser amount wouldn't much affect the premium we had to pay.

I pointed out that in the top corner of the page was written the figures "5,000" and that that was the estimate of what damages we had done. I told her we were lucky she hadn't run over a child.

I was uncertain the car would be able to run; but I thought I would probably try.

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