Dream of: 21 November 1992 "Arms Stretched Out"

I was in a large metropolitan city. All the people in this city, and perhaps in the world, were lining up and killing themselves. I managed to escape from a group which was about to kill themselves. I entered a tall building and went all the way to the top, up to about the thirtieth or fortieth floor. I could look down over the city and I could see one of my friends below, in the line of people who were going to kill themselves. They were standing in front of another building.

My mother and my sister were with me and I began talking with them. We were talking about killing ourselves, and I was having doubts about whether I was actually going to do it. I thought if everyone else killed themselves, it would still be interesting being alive with no one else alive. I even used to have a fantasy in which I was the only living person on earth, and I had found it rather enjoyable. However I didn't want my mother and my sister to kill themselves.

There were two open windows close to where we were standing. Right below each window was a large square hole which extended down into the floor. The holes were about a meter away from each other. I heard my mother say something about someone having their arms stretched out. I replied that I didn't see anyone with their arms stretched out, but when I looked across at another building, I saw several statues of Jesus Christ, one on top of the other, all with their arms stretched out as if he were flying.

My sister also saw the statues, and as soon as she did, she walked over to the hole, stepped into it and fell through. My mother walked toward the other hole. I didn't want her to go to the hole, but I couldn't stop her, and she also jumped through the other hole. I thought their bodies must have made a terrible mess below.

I had already decided that I was definitely not going to kill myself. I was also wanting to holler down and tell my friend in the line below that he also shouldn't kill himself. I stepped over between the two holes and I began hollering down to my friend. I only had about a meter of space, however, and it seemed quite dangerous, especially since I was having trouble maintaining my balance. I thought it would be just like me, to slip and be hanging on for dear life. There I would be, trying to live and in danger of dying, while everyone else was trying to die. I just wanted to avoid all that. I only wanted to holler down and warn my friend, then get out of here myself.

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