Dream of: 20 November 1992 "Antique Clocks"

I was sitting on a plane next to a man (probably in his 50s). By the time the plane landed in Germany, we had struck up a conversation and we walked off the plane together. He said he was planning to look for antiques in Germany and he suggested I might want to buy an old clock. I thought to myself if he wanted antiques, he should go to Russia. I thought he should be able to pick them up cheap there.

After debarking, I first noticed a snow-clad mountain with skiers skiing down the side. I told the man he might be interested in skiing, but he definitely wasn't.

We walked into a hotel together. I had stayed at this particular hotel many times in the past and I told the man he might like it. I knew the prices were reasonable.

As we walked up some stairs, I noticed many antique clocks on one wall. I wasn't in the mood to examine them and kept on going.

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