Dream of: 19 November 1992 "Indian Chanting"

I woke up at Jon's house, somewhere in the country near Portsmouth. I walked into the kitchen (which seemed somewhat like the kitchen of the House in Patriot) and looked for Jon, but I couldn't find him anywhere. Finally I looked out the back window and was surprised to see about 10 people lying in the back yard sunbathing. Most were men – only two appeared to be women. I thought Jon must allow everyone in the neighborhood to come over and lie in the sun in his back yard.

The phone rang and I picked it up. It was my father. He seemed upset because I wasn't accomplishing anything at the moment, although I knew he was glad I had returned to Ohio. He began telling me I needed to do several things with my car, including having the title changed over to Ohio and contacting the insurance company. I talked with him briefly, then hung up.

I walked outside looking for Jon. I felt good about being back in Ohio and having left Texas. I realized I needed to get the car straightened out. I found Jon and began talking with him about it. I told him the car was my old gray Volkswagen Rabbit which I thought I had left in Ohio. Only I couldn't remember where I had left it. I thought I might have left it in the garage of the Grandview Avenue House, but then remembered that my mother no longer lived in that House. I concluded that I must have left it somewhere with my father. I would be glad to get it back.

I talked with Jon about my plans. I was beginning to realize it was going to cost more per month to take care of the car than I had originally thought. And I only had about $20,000. If I wanted to, I could return at anytime to Dallas and begin working again. I had left my cases with Wheat, who would earn money from them while I was away. When I wanted to return, I could at anytime, and stay as long as I wanted. It seemed an excellent situation.


Carolina and I were walking along the gravel road by Jon's house. Off from the road I saw a circular building about three meters in diameter and about three stories high. A sound was coming from it as if an Indian chanting. I then noticed a small stand in front of the building where something was obviously being sold. Carolina wanted to see what was in it, so we walked over. It seemed as if an Indian ran it. Little metal and ceramic statues of animals were on some tables; I glanced over them.

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