Dream of: 17 November 1992 "Failure"

I had done some legal work for Louise and Vernon and they owed me over $900. I was even thinking of working for them on a regular basis, making around $20 an hour. Since I was almost broke, I wanted to receive the money as soon as possible; but I hesitated to go to their office and ask for it. Finally, however, I did go to their office.

When I walked in I was surprised by how crowded the waiting area was. Perhaps 30 new bankruptcy clients were impatiently standing in front of a counter, waiting to go in. They all had filled out and were holding a questionnaire on the front and back of one page. I remembered that it was close to foreclosure day and thought this must be the rush before foreclosure. I didn't know how Louise and Vernon could handle so many clients; they must have had an extensive staff.

I didn't see Vernon anywhere, but finally I saw Louise. I walked over to her and quickly let her know why I was here. She sharply retorted that it was not proper for me to be here, that I should have just sent a bill. I was deeply abashed by her attitude. She made me feel very bad to be having to come to her for money. As I turned to leave, I heard one of Louise's clients say something derogatory about me. Then another one said something about how he would not go to me because it looked as if I were on drugs. I quickly slipped through the door, feeling lower than ever.


I was in my office, which seemed to be in a warehouse. I was lying on a couch thinking of what had happened at Louise's office. I didn't have a single client coming to see me; yet her office was packed. Obviously she seemed a success while I was a failure. For the first time I had to admit it.


I was lying in bed with a woman who was apparently my wife. She was quite fat and I felt no attraction for her. She was naked and put my hand on her pubic region. I rubbed it unenthusiastically.


I was in my office when Louise walked in. I quickly realized she was no longer angry with me. In fact she was in an amorous mood, and we quickly lay down next to each other. I moved cautiously, hesitated, then moved my head down to the top of her pants. I then pulled her pants partially down and buried my mouth into her pubic region. That was obviously exactly what she wanted. I felt so good that we were actually together again.

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