Dream of: 14 November 1992 "High Fees"

I had gone to a chapter 13 creditors meeting at which Judge Felsenthall (Dallas bankruptcy judge) was the trustee. The meeting went smoothly and when it was finished I excused myself and walked out into a hall. I had only gone a few steps when I remembered I had a question I had wanted to ask Felsenthall. I had become increasingly concerned by the high fees my debtors were having to pay for the costs of foreclosures being conducted against them by mortgage companies. It appeared to me the deeds of trust didn't actually provide that the mortgagor should pay those fees. I wanted to ask Felsenthall his opinion.

But when I returned to the room, he was already conducting a meeting for someone else, and other people were waiting. I thought I might be able to ask him when the person with whom he was talking was finished. I also was a bit concerned about whether I should even be asking him questions like that. But since he was acting as a trustee and not as a judge I thought it would be permissible to get his opinion.


I had been talking to Felsenthall and was happily surprised by how well we got along. He almost seemed like a friend. I was surprised to see him smoking a cigarette, but it didn't bother me. When I got ready to leave, I told him good-bye by his first name. Another judge sitting nearby heard me, but I didn't think anyone thought it was improper.

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