Dream of: 13 November 1992 "Banano"

I was with Carolina, who looked just like Louise. She seemed to be about 30 years old and was wearing a red dress. We sat down on a couch together and since we had been separated for several days and I was feeling rather amorous, I began letting my hands roam over her body. Just as I was about to put my hand under her dress, I heard a knock at the window on the door behind us. I looked and saw a face in the window.

We straightened up and I walked to the door. It was now clear that we were in the living room of the Logan Street House, and the door was the front door to the House. I only opened it a few centimeters, enough to see a short, thin Hispanic man standing there. He wanted to come in, but I wouldn't open the door. When I finally determined that he was no danger, I stepped out on the porch.

In his arms he was holding a baby wrapped in a pink blanket. He handed the baby to me and I looked at its beautiful face. I asked him if it was a "hija," a baby girl. As I looked, its face wrinkled up so that for a moment it looked like a very old person. But it was still beautiful and quickly resumed its original look.

The man seemed to know me; I apparently had represented him once in some legal matter, but I couldn't remember who he was. He pointed to a younger fellow with him. The young fellow was his son, and the baby belonged to the young fellow. To my delight, I quickly gathered that the older man had brought the child to me to see if I would keep it. I asked him if he wanted us to adopt it and he said he did.

I called out Carolina and handed the baby to her. The father meanwhile, apparently a bit sad, wandered off. Carolina held the baby and also obviously liked it. The three of us walked to a picnic table which was next to a nearby house and sat down. At one point Carolina let the baby slip and it almost fell on the table. But no harm was done.

From where we were sitting I could see mountains in the distance. It was quite a beautiful view although I had never noticed it before. Some of the mountains stood straight up, like tall buildings. Finally I realized they actually were tall buildings and part of what I was looking at was the Dallas skyline.

The man returned and talked about the child. He said its name was "Banano." I was uncertain we would keep that name. The man also spoke of a place in the country in California where he hoped we would live because he thought he might be going there to work in a company which had recently been built there. Carolina didn't like the idea of moving to the country. I told her the country had much to offer that the city didn't; but I also told the man that there was no certainty we were going to move to the country.

I was pleased at the thought of adopting the child. It was going to be a pleasant and needed addition to our lives.

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