Dream of: 11 November 1992 (2) "Pregnant Neighbor"

As I lay in a bed in the bedroom where my uncle George used to sleep in the House in Patriot, I turned on a small television near the bed. As I switched through the channels, I noticed some foreign language stations and I finally stopped at one in Spanish. I lay on the bed and thought to myself that there wasn't much else to do here except watch television. I felt a bit useless just lying on the bed, but I thought at least I could learn some Spanish while here.

I could see my grandmother Leacy in the adjoining room. She had walked over to answer the back door, where a tall, black-haired man was standing. I recognized the man, but I couldn't remember exactly who he was. He hollered "hi" to me and I said the same to him, but I didn't want to get out of bed to go talk with him. He asked me if he could do anything for me. His request seemed a bit odd, and I couldn't think of anything that he could do.

Suddenly I recalled that he was married to the next door neighbor, Madelyn Saunders. I jumped out of the bed, walked over to him, and told him I had heard that Madelyn was pregnant. I even had an image in my mind of her being pregnant and holding a small plant, a small sprout in a pot. I envisioned the sprout as the small baby being born in her. I asked the man if it were true that Madelyn was pregnant. But I immediately wondered if I should have said anything about Madelyn's being pregnant. My grandmother had earlier told me about the pregnancy, and I was unsure whether I should have mentioned it. The man told me it was true, that Madelyn was pregnant. I said, "Congratulations" and I held out my hand for him to shake. After we had shaken hands, we had little else to say, so I turned around and returned to my television program.

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