Dream of: 09 November 1992 "Math Test"

I was riding around in a car being driven by Fugitt (high school schoolmate). We were smoking a marijuana joint; by the time we had almost finished the joint, I realized how stoned I was. Somebody else was in the car with us and we stopped and let him off. As the fellow got out, I noticed a roach from another joint stuck over the top of the door where I was sitting in the front seat. I might smoke it later.

Fugitt and I went to his place and into his bedroom. He wanted to play some music for me and turned on his stereo. It was small and I was disappointed by the sound. I wondered if he couldn't afford a nice one like I had.

It was about eight o'clock in the morning; I suddenly remembered I had to take a math test that morning at eight thirty. Sally was in my math class; she probably studied a lot for the test. But I hadn't studied at all. I didn't see how I could possibly pass it.

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