Dream of: 08 November 1992 (2) "Tubes Of Glue"

I was in a house in which my mother was living. It seemed to be on Franklin Avenue in Portsmouth. My brother Chris was here and he brought me a box of various objects which he wanted me to go through. It looked like mostly junk. I found some triple A batteries which might still be good. I also found a couple tubes of glue. I pulled the top off one and it had a brush on it stuck in the glue. The glue appeared to still be usable. I pulled out the second brush and it came out with the hardened glue stuck to it. Obviously it should be thrown away. A third brush was in the box with no tube of glue with it. I thought it should also probably be saved.

After sorting out the good from the bad I put the good stuff back in the box. I knew my mother had a drawer where she kept items like this; I thought she could stick everything from the box in the drawer.

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