Dream of: 07 November 1992 "Buying Buildings"

As my wife Carolina, her friend Yonis, and I were walking through an area which seemed like a mall, we came to an area where people were sitting at little round tables. Since it appeared that we would be able to get something to eat here, and also that some kind of event was going to start soon, I decided we should sit down. We headed for an empty table, but then noticed someone had left some possessions on the table indicating the table was obviously taken. Looking around, I realized all the tables were taken.

There was however a low wall where we were able to sit until a table opened up; we moved to the wall. Then I saw another table in a better spot. Since several people were sitting in other tables very close to the table, I walked over to them and asked if the table was taken. When they indicated the table wasn't taken, I motioned to Carolina and Yonis to come over. I had to move the table a bit away from another table right next to it, and I had to move off something that was lying on the table, but finally the three of us sat down.

A couple fellows were sitting near Yonis and Carolina, and I thought they might all talk with each other. On my left was sitting a woman with whom I began talking. It was hard to say how old she was, but I thought she was definitely closer to my age than Carolina's. The woman seemed interesting and I found myself wondering what it would be like to kiss her tiny mouth.

A large television screen was in the room and Yonis asked if that was the "astro screen." I knew the astro screen was a large screen in the astro dome in Houston, and I thought how silly the question was and how uniformed Yonis must be. I said, "Yes, Yonis, that is the astro screen."

Everyone seemed to think my reply was funny, and I was pleased with myself for not simply having said it wasn't the astro screen.

As we sat, I began having a fantasy in my mind. I began imagining what it would be like to be very rich, to have perhaps two and one half billion dollars. Perhaps I would first buy the Nations Bank building, the tallest building in Dallas. I might be able to purchase it for around 60 million dollars. Then I would renovate the highest floors to put in a restaurant and an observation deck so ordinary people could go up in it. I was able to see the building in my mind, and to look out over the city of Dallas.

Next I might go to San Francisco and buy the building which looks like a tall pyramid. Again I imagined myself in San Francisco. I began imagining other tall buildings and thought I might do the same thing in many large cities.

Finally as I let my mind wander through one large city, I noticed an old, red brick mansion. I thought I would also like to buy it. I might find a college student to live in it and maintain it. I might make a deal with him that he would live in the house for 4 years, and under no circumstances would he move out.

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