Dream of: 31 October 1992 "Compass In A Box"

I was on a long journey, walking along through some grassy mountains. I was somewhat lost, but I had managed to find a road through the mountains, so I just kept plodding along. Finally I came to a building on the left side of the road. It was a house which also doubled as a store. I stepped inside, and realized Spanish people lived in the house. I saw a scruffy little boy (probably 6-7 years old). He looked as if no one took care of him. I thought I might take him along with me, adopt him, as I continued with my journey.


I was at a flea market. In my hand I was holding a small musical device. It had a long colorful tape which had to be rewound on the instrument before it would play. The tape was about the size of a cassette tape. I sat down and began trying to rewind the tape with my fingers.

Two girls and a fellow (all only about 15 years old) walked up to me. They stood around and watched me. One wanted to help me, so I allowed it. I looked at one of the girls standing next to me, and noticed that her blouse was made of a mesh material so I could see through it. I started looking at her navel area and saw the bare skin under the blouse. My eyes continued moving upward until I could see her bra under the blouse. I thought maybe I would get with her later and walk around the flea market with her.

We finally rewound the tape and began playing it. It contained Spanish music. People were all around us, but the three others and I walked over to the side, sat down and began listening to the music. We were clearly in a Spanish-speaking place.

A man began shouting out that he had Mexican money for sale. According to the price which he was shouting, he would be giving twice as many pesos as would normally be given in exchange. He said he would give around 480 pesos for a dollar. I called him to me and asked him if I could see the pesos. I was thinking I might buy $100 worth. He handed me a handful of the money and I showed it to the two girls and the guy. I asked them if the money was alright, and they said no, that it was counterfeit. When I looked more closely at the money, I realized it was very small, about half the size that it should be. I handed it all back to the man. I told him I wasn't interested in the money.

I finally began walking around by myself. I saw all kinds of things for sale, but finally noticed something which attracted my attention; a compass in a box. Since it seemed to me that I was in Mexico, I thought the compass might prove useful for me, and I thought about buying it. I picked up the box and saw the price of $8.99. Since the price was in dollars, I thought the compass must have been imported. I thought it would probably be more expensive down here in Mexico. But then I also noticed it had the price of 4 on it. I figured that was in Mexican money and the compass would only end up costing about two dollars in American money. So I thought I would buy it. I thought I would be going back into the mountains where I had been before. Since it was easy to get lost out there, I thought this time I would like to have a compass to guide me along. And this looked like a good one.

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