Dream of: 26 October 1992 "African Swords"

I was living in a spacious old abandoned building which had once been a school; I had taken over one of the rooms. Several other people – some of whom were rather barbaric – were also living in different parts of the building.

As I was walking around the building one day, I walked into a room which contained a long black bench. Since I was contemplating spending the night in a different part of the building, I thought this might be a good place to lie down. A television – obviously non-functioning – was also in the room. I figured the room might have been a barber shop at one time. Two very nice round mirrors with wooden frames were in the room; I thought I might carry the mirrors back to the section where I was staying.

I walked out of the building and found some statues which looked African. They were as tall as I and looked like thin people. One in particular – rather strange-looking – caught my attention and I decided to carry it back up to my room. It looked as if it had a bunch of sticks or swords sticking out of it. I picked the statue up and started climbing up the flights of stairs. When I reached a certain floor, I saw some men running toward me. These men were the barbarians who lived in the building. They had fashioned some home-made bows and arrows. They were at the far end of the hall from me. They stopped and shot a couple of arrows at me, but the arrows fell wide from me. The men seemed afraid of me; they soon began chasing some other people. They caught and stabbed one blond-haired fellow. I watched from afar, thinking I might try to help the fellow later, if he didn't die. The two barbarians chased down some other people. They shot some arrows at a woman; two of the arrows pierced her. The barbarians were utterly wild.

The barbarians however were never able to figure out where I lived, probably because I had boarded up the section of the school where I was staying, making it difficult for them to locate me. I had a secret entrance to my section.

The building had been completely sealed off and abandoned by society. I was able to survive on some food which I had found in the building. Obviously, for my own protection, I would soon have to take up arms against the two marauders who were terrorizing everyone else in the place.

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