Dream of: 25 October 1992 "Posing"

Jon and I were each with a different woman in a back room of a house where I was living. We were playing some kind of game. After hearing a knock at the front door, I walked to the front room, opened the door and found Jon's wife Cathy and another woman standing there. I invited them in.

Once the women had stepped in, I heard someone call from the back room where the others were, saying, "Jon won't play."

I commented to Cathy about how every time someone had a problem, they always came to me to solve it. As we walked on to the back room, I thought I would be interested in playing some kind of sexually-oriented game.

But it was not long before everyone left. I stood alone in the room, thinking that the next time we were all together we could play some kind of strip poker. Everyone could wear four pieces of clothing – pants, underpants, shirt and undershirt or bra. I thought however I would also bring a G-string. In fact, I had a black G-string with me which I decided to try on. I stood in front of a mirror, put on the G-string and put on a pair of black and white striped underwear over it. I also was wearing a pair of black and white hose which came up to my mid-thigh. I was not wearing a shirt.

I posed in front of the mirror, turning so I could see how my butt looked. My underwear came up in the crack of my butt. I stopped and pulled off the hose, thinking how nice they felt to wear.

As I posed, I looked at a window in the room and through the blinds saw my mother's face on the other side. She had a look of utter horror on her face as she watched what I was doing. I likewise became horrified by the thought of her watching me. I didn't want her to see me; I raced to the door, thinking I would grab her. But it was already too late; she had already seen me. What would I do? I wanted to stop her. As I ran to the door, I began screaming in horror at the top of my voice.

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