Dream of: 19 October 1992 "Shot Of Whiskey"

As I was walking around an area which seemed like a mall, I glanced back and saw my billfold lying on the ground. I thought it must have fallen out of my pocket. As I reached for it, a fellow (probably in his late teens) picked it up. I grabbed his arm and said the billfold was mine. But he either didn't believe me, or he didn't care, and he tried to pull away from me. I held him and began hollering "Thief! Thief!."

Several other people rushed up to help me and we quickly wrested the billfold from the boy, who quickly ran off. I turned to the person who had given the most assistance. At first I thought the person was a male, but then I thought the person was an attractive girl (probably in her late teens). I had a fifth of whiskey in hand and offered her a drink. She accepted and I poured the whiskey into a shot glass. I offered another and she accepted. I offered her a third and she drank that too.

When she was finished she gave me a letter which had her name at the bottom and she walked off. When I looked at her name, I saw that she worked for National Mortgage Company, and I recognized her name as that of someone with whom I frequently talked on the phone, but whom I had never met in person. I ran though the crowded mall calling out her name, but I couldn't find her.

Instead I ran into Jon. After I had enlisted his help, we boarded his motor vehicle and we rode around looking for her. Jon soon informed me he was going to need to use two tickets which I had to some event tonight to take out a woman he had recently met. Surprised, I asked him about Shirley (the woman with whom he had been living). He seemed sheepish, but he seemed to have already decided to go out with the new woman.

Suddenly I saw the girl on the sidewalk I was looking for and I asked Jon to stop.

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