Dream of: 16 October 1992 (2) "Bonsai Tree"

I was seated with three or four people in the small living room of an apartment which belonged to a fellow who looked like Tony Danza. His name was Laredo, and he was the brother of a friend of mine, who was also present. After we had talked a while, my friend rose and with little ado, left. I felt a bit embarrassed because I didn't know Laredo or his family or any of the other people here; but I stayed anyway and tried to be sociable.

I was in New York City; like Laredo, I had recently gotten my own apartment here. My apartment however, was considerably more modern and nicer than Laredo's. Laredo's apartment was larger because he had a wife and two or three children, but his apartment was quite modest. I wondered how much he had paid for it.

I had been living in New York for almost a month. It occurred to me that I hadn't called Steve Weinstein since I had been here. It would be a real surprise for him if I just showed up at his place and told him I had moved to New York.

Laredo was talking and pulled out an official document, which apparently was an agreement for him to work for someone. It sounded as if he was supposed to decorate some kind of business, perhaps a restaurant, with works of art. It passed through my mind that I might be able to make a collage for him to use there. I asked him to see the document. He at first hesitated, but finally acquiesced. On the first page was the amount he would be paid. It looked as if it was about $1,500 per month and totaled about $5,000. It seemed like a small amount of money to me, and I began to realize that Laredo was quite poor and barely making ends meet.

One man in the room was probably in his late 50s. He looked out of place because he was wearing a gray suit. As the conversation flowed, I gradually realized he was a lawyer, although it wasn't clear what type of law he practiced. I was drawn into the conversation and told them I practiced only bankruptcy law. However, I mentioned that I might occasionally do a divorce case. I thought to myself how I only did consumer bankruptcy cases and not business bankruptcies. However, I did do some small business bankruptcies. I thought how thorough I needed to be when doing a business bankruptcy. I had learned it was important to consider all the taxes owed by the business such as sales tax, property taxes, employment taxes, unemployment taxes, as well as income taxes. It seemed there might even be other taxes with which I wasn't well acquainted.

I could see that Laredo's apartment had probably three rooms downstairs. I turned to him and asked if there was an upstairs. I knew the apartment contained an upstairs because the stairs were visible to me. He took my question as a cue. He rose and everyone followed him upstairs. I wandered alone into a bedroom where I noticed a small bed, almost like a crib, along one wall. It had a piece of wood lengthwise down the center of the bed. The wood was attached to the top and bottom of the bed so that it could slide back and forth across the bed. It appeared to be there to keep whoever would sleep in the bed from falling out; it was adjustable for the size of the person.

Laredo's son (perhaps 6 years old) walked up beside me. I asked him if the bed was his. He looked a bit offended and then I realized Laredo had a two year old daughter, and that the bed must be hers.

I walked to the back of the upstairs and looked out a window. I was surprised to see a small back yard on a level with the upstairs. A large plant that looked like a bonsai tree cast shade over a small cement stool which could hold perhaps two people. It was a tranquil place where one might be able to meditate.

When we all returned downstairs, Laredo complained about his wife having bought the plant in the back yard. I defended her, saying that I liked the plant.

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