Dream of: 16 October 1992 "Black Mustache"

Carolina and I got up from a bed we had been lying in together, and walked out into a hall way. We turned into a large room with numerous desks and chairs in it. About 20 people were sitting in the room. The room was part of my office and the people were my clients.

We walked over to one desk against the wall where a black-haired woman was sitting. She used to work for another law firm name Wolfe, Kincaid. She was now my employee. I spoke with her about having her notarize something for me. Carolina ought to become a notary public.

When we finished, I told the woman I would be in the back room, and that she should call me if she needed me. As Carolina and I walked back toward the room, I heard some man say something about my using the room to "fuck." That was true, but I didn't say anything.

I passed a mirror on the way. I had dark hair, a black mustache, and was quite slender. I looked as if I might be 30 years old.

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