Dream of: 11 October 1992 "On The Sidewalk"

I was talking with a tall, slender, attractive, black-harked woman (around 30 years old) who was either my wife or my girlfriend. Since we were standing outside on a sidewalk, I was surprised when she pulled up her dress so I could see her black pubic hairs. She then bent over and exposed her rear to passing traffic.

After the woman had boarded a car, Carolina walked up. Carolina was obviously angry with me and she didn't even want to speak.

A beautiful blonde girl (about 17 years old) walked up. The girl's mother and another woman was with the girl. I walked over to the blonde and put my arm behind her back, but I didn't touch her. I had been seeing the blonde for quite a while and she liked me. But we hadn't had any physical contact, although I thought she was ready to. She likewise seemed upset. I stood in front of her and grabbed her shoulders. I wanted to calm her down, but I also wanted Carolina to see me with her.

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