Dream of: 09 October 1992 (2) "Negative Impact"

My friend from my late teens, Steve Buckner, and I went to another fellow's home to see if we could buy some marijuana from the fellow. When Steve and I  discovered that the fellow wasn't home, we walked into the home anyway. Since Steve knew where the fellow stashed his marijuana, he found it, stuck some into a baggie and left $10 behind. I was unsure that Steve should have taken the marijuana that way, but I didn't interfere. I even thought I might come back later and buy some marijuana from the fellow myself.

We returned to Steve's house and began smoking. After a while, however, I realized that although I enjoyed the taste of the marijuana, I wasn't feeling any effects from it.

Suddenly a news report flashed on the television about someone who had gone to another person's house and taken some marijuana. Apparently the person who had taken the marijuana had then been arrested.

I reflected on how similar the news story was to what Steve had done, and I began thinking about smoking marijuana in general. I really didn't enjoy marijuana that much any more and I questioned why I even bothered. Plus I was concerned that marijuana might be having a negative impact on my remembering my dreams. Perhaps it was time for me to give up marijuana for good.

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