Dream of: 09 October 1992 "Circular Stairs"

Some people and I were standing on top of a ski slope. As I looked down I realized how steep it was. Although I was wearing skis, I had no poles. Some were hanging nearby, but they belonged to someone else. Finally I decided to ski without the poles and started down the hill. I reached the bottom with ease and the hill slopped back up. I trudged along to get to the top of the next ridge.

I began realizing I was in a race with someone to get to the bottom of the mountain and that they were ahead of me. I passed by an old farm house and walked into one of the farm buildings. I began descending some circular stairs, going faster and faster until I wasn't running, but actually sort of skiing along the walls. I passed someone in my way.

When I finally got to the bottom and walked outside, I saw the building looked like a large silo.

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