Dream of: 07 October 1992 "Five Of A Kind"

While I was with my father in the Portsmouth area, he told me about a poker game which was going to take place on the West Side of Portsmouth. Apparently it was a weekly event. He named off a number of people who were going to be there. He said Seeley would be there and he mentioned that some of the people were crooks.


I was sitting at the poker table playing poker. I had only played a couple hands. I just finished betting everything I had left on the hand I had. The man on my left shoved a bunch of copper pennies into the pile in the center of the table. My second cousin Don was sitting across from me. After the betting was finished, Don showed his hand – a straight flush of hearts, six through ten. I looked at my hand; I had four of a heart flush – but I was one card off. I was chagrined that I had bet without looking at the last card I had drawn; I had lost everything.

The fellow on my right showed his hand. When I pointed out that he had six cards instead of the required five, he simply pulled one card out. It made no difference because he didn't have a winning hand anyway.


When the next hand was dealt, I had no money left. I did have a big folded document which apparently was the mortgage on my house. I wanted to use it, but the others wouldn't allow it. One of them mentioned that I had some tickets to some kind of event being held for me in the next room, and that I could use those.

The cards were dealt and I looked at my hand. I had about ten cards, among which were five kings. I thought for sure I had a winner; I was going to try to build up the pot. I bet ten cents, saying I was "light," and pulling ten cents out of the pot. I started to pull out ten pennies, but then saw some larger copper coins which represented five cents each and I pulled out two of those. The betting continued until it was time to draw more cards. I was throwing away the ones I didn't want to keep, when I noticed one card I thought was a king wasn't a king. It had a big "K" on it like the kings, but it said "Kelly" and stood for the actor Gene Kelly. I looked more closely at my cards; I had about five cards which had the names of movie actors on them. One said "starlet" down the side and another one was of Dustin Hoffman.

I had already thrown some of my cards face down but I picked them back up. I asked the others if those cards could also be played. To show what I meant, I pulled out the "starlet" card and the "Dustin Hoffman" card and showed them to the players; I asked if those were a pair. They said they were. I put them back in my hand, thinking I had five of a kind, a very strong hand.

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