Dream of: 02 October 1992 (2) "Slowing The Fall"

I had been arrested for the crime of bribery, although I hadn't yet been taken to the jail. I tried to remember exactly whom I had bribed. I also tried to imagine how long I would be in jail. I thought I might get a ten year sentence, but would probably not go to jail for more than ten months. I would get parole for the remainder. I also had the feeling Mike Walls was involved.

I was walking along with my father toward the jail. I thought he might try to help me out. I was also thinking that I needed to come up with money for bond so I wouldn't have to stay in jail right now.


I walked into a room where Tom Campbell (a former fellow law student) was. I was happy to see him, but almost immediately his wife (an attractive black-haired woman probably in her early 20s) left the room in a huff. Obviously she knew I had been arrested and she didn't want me to have anything to do with Tom. Tom followed her from the room, and soon brought her back. But she wouldn't talk to me and Tom began having a serious discussion with her. While they were talking I decided to leave. I didn't need to be put through this.


I was in a room with some people and a black-haired girl probably in her late teens. I liked her but she didn't seem to want to be with me, so I walked out onto the sidewalk. She followed me and now indicated that she might want to come with me. I thought I might take her to my place and have sex with her. Her hand grazed my penis and I took it as an indication that she was interested.


I was on top of a high building and was able to look over the side to the ground far below. It seemed to me like a metaphor of some project I was working on and the danger that I would fail at the project, just as I could fall from the building.

I noticed some window washers on the side of the building. They were swinging back and forth as they moved from one place to another. I began imagining a little scene in my mind. In my mind I saw a window washer fall. But before he reached the ground he was able to grab an empty 33 gallon oil barrel on the way down and punch a hole in its side. He stuck his head in the hole, and it acted as a parachute, slowing his fall.

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