Dream of: 30 September 1992 "Washing an Elephant"

While on the Gallia County Farm (of my paternal step-grandfather Clarence and my paternal grandmother Mabel), I discovered a young elephant living there. It stood about two meters tall. Another person and I decided to give it a bath. While doing so, I pulled out a large push-broom and began scrubbing the elephant's skin. The elephant didn't seem to like the scrubbing and the other person told me the broom was rough on the elephant's skin. I had wrongly assumed the skin was hard, when in reality it was soft. I thought I needed to find a broom with soft bristles to use on the elephant.

When we finished, I petted the elephant and felt close to it. I realized how important it was for me to have a relationship with an animal like this. I even began thinking of what I could do to keep it there on the Farm. I would need to build a large fence made of heavy logs all around the bottom of the little hill where the Farmhouse was. I would also need to build some kind of shelter attached to the Farmhouse and heat it in the winter. The elephant's manure could be shoveled out and used as fertilizer.

When I heard something near the road at the bottom of the hill, I realized Clarence and Mabel had returned. I walked down the hill and saw a red pickup truck had been parked crossways across the road. On the other side of the truck, Mabel and Clarence were getting out of their vehicle.

I quickly saw Mabel (about 50 years old) was extremely angry with me about something. By the time we reached the Farmhouse, it was clear she didn't want me to be there. I told her that I would leave, and also that this was the last time she would ever see me, because I would never return.


My wife Carolina and I were in a car which I was driving away from the Farmhouse. I soon realized the roads were beginning to be covered by water from recent rains. I hurried along hoping not to be stranded in the water.

We continued until we reached what appeared to be a German town. We got out of the car and began climbing a steep hill in the town. I was delighted at the thought of being in Germany.

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