Dream of: 28 September 1992 "Precarious Position"

While Jon, Mike Walls and I were in the living room of a house, a woman (about 20 years old) walked into the room. She thought Jon had some marijuana and she wanted him to give her some. Even though Jon said he didn't have any marijuana, I also thought he had some, and finally he pulled out a joint. The woman seemed desperate to get it, and finally someone suggested that if she perform fellatio on all three of us she could have the joint. She hesitated, but finally to my surprise, she agreed to do it.

I was to be first; I took off my clothes and watched as she stuck my penis into her mouth, but I couldn't seem to feel much sensation. She rolled my penis over to one side, so it was still in her mouth, but on the outside of her teeth. As she gently put pressure on my penis with her teeth, I reflected upon the precariousness of my position if she would decide to bite down on my penis.

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