Dream of: 27 September 1992 "Sneakers"

I had an office with a number of employees. A man who looked like Doctor Werner Brandes (the character played by Stephen Tobolowsky in the movie Sneakers) had come to the office and I had allowed him to use one of the computers in the front office to do some work. But after he had been here several hours, I needed to use the computer. Two keyboards were hooked up to the computer; I realized he had installed a program so that two programs could run at the same time. The problem was that there was only one monitor, and only one of us could use the monitor at a time. I used the computer for a short while, but then it switched to his program. I became frustrated because I needed the computer; I asked him just how long he was going to be here. When he couldn't seem to come up with an answer, I told him he was gong to have to leave. He pleaded with me to let him stay until 5 o'clock – three more hours. Since some of the other employees seemed sympathetic to him, I finally said he could stay until four.

I rose and walked back to my office. I questioned whether I was doing the right thing. The man might be a spy or might be working for the government. He might be in the process of copying all my files. I just wanted him out of here. Meanwhile. I was planning to go skiing soon; I needed to concentrate on that.

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