Dream of: 26 September 1992 (2) "Throwing Knives"

I was on a gravel road in the vicinity of the Gallia County Farm. The road went across a large bridge with a creek (which seemed more like a river) below it. I walked toward some cars parked in some woods at one end of the road. One old blue car was sunk in the creek except for the rear sticking up out of the creek.

As I approached the people in the cars, I thought some women might be among them whom I would like to meet. Perhaps I could impress them by diving off the bridge into the water. That, however, would be dangerous since I didn't know how deep the water was. Besides, the bridge was high and the impact when I hit the water might knock me out. Probably not a good idea.

When I reached the vicinity of the people I thought I might find some throwing knives and I could impress the people by throwing the knives. I imagined picking up some knives and throwing them at some wood and successfully sticking the knives in the wood. Actually I thought I would need quite a bit of practice to be able to do it, and I also imagined that I might miss some of my throws.

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