Dream of: 26 September 1992 "Avoiding A Confrontation"

I was living in an apartment in Columbus, Ohio. I was in the bedroom having sex with a young woman whom I had known since moving here. Before we had finished, I stopped, and asked her to excuse me while I went into the next room. I stood up and walked to the next room, where I found young woman with black hair whom I had also known for a while, and I began making love with her. But I soon found my erection disappearing and I had to stop. Then the woman from the bedroom walked into the room.

The two women didn't know about each other, although I had been seeing both for quite a while. I didn't want a confrontation and I tried to explain how I had come to be seeing both. To my relief, they didn't seem angry, but only surprised. They wanted to know more about me. We had always met here at the apartment and they didn't even know that I had a car. They seemed interested when I told them I had a red BMW outside and I told them we could go for a ride if they wanted.

Although both women were quite attractive, I knew they didn't meet many men and it would be difficult for them to find someone else like me. By the same token, I didn't meet that many women. However, I was also seeing two other women, and I thought I might introduce them also to these two. It would be nice if everyone could get along together. I just hoped these two wouldn't decide to leave me.

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