Dream of: 23 September 1992 "Seeking A Church"

the imagination nourishes dreams

I was watching a scene on a beach in Mexico. A small boy had been strapped into a seat which was going to be pulled by a boat over the water. The seat had a kite up above it, which would cause the seat to rise.

As I began to imagine what being pulled like that would be like, I realized my powers of imagination were quite extraordinary. I could actually see a person being pulled up and the kite up above him. I saw some electrical wires and wondered if he might hit them. I even began wondering what it would be like if my wife Carolina were pulled like that.

What amazed me most was the vividness of the images I was creating. I reflected that the images were as strong as dream images, and I wondered if there was any connection between dreams and my powers of imagination.

I came to realize that I was sitting in a movie theater with my arm around Birdie (my steady girlfriend during my late teens), who was sitting on my left. As a movie began, still pondering my powers of imagination, I looked at the screen and decided to test the powers. I wanted to visit Franz Kafka, whom I immensely admired. At once I found myself apparently in Germany. I was elated. Germany was where I most wanted to be. As I walked along a deserted area and saw ahead of me an old door, mostly of opaque glass, I realized I didn't even know whether I was inside or outside. I thought I would find out whether I was inside or outside after I passed through the door.

I swung the door open and saw the outside street ahead of me. I was so happy to be there, but I didn't let my joy interfere with my task, which was to find Franz Kafka. I thought about how Kafka had written a book comparing life to a trial, and how appropriate that seemed to me.

The street being deserted, I thought I needed to look for people. I thought I would look for the center of town and would seek a church to enter. Looking around, I saw what appeared to be a crowd of people on the street ahead of me and I headed toward them.

I abruptly snapped out of my imagination and back into the movie theater. Birdie was pressed quite close to me. I felt close to her. She seemed to realize what I was doing and I thought she might want to participate, but I was unsure she could.

The movie was on the screen; I realized it was in German. I thought I would try to focus on it for a while, to see if I could pick up the plot.

Gradually I once again seemed to be in Germany. I was in a house looking for a pen because I needed to write something. As I went through some things on a desk in front of me, I was interrupted by a young woman. Apparently the things belonged to her, and just as she interrupted me, I had my hand in a purse which apparently belonged to her. When I saw a $20 bill in the purse, I hoped she didn't think I was trying to rob her. I only wanted a pen.

As I picked up a camera, I realized I had once known the woman. I vaguely recalled having been with her years ago when she had bought the camera. When I asked her about the camera, however, she said she had just bought the camera the previous week.

Suddenly a man in a strange costume which covered everything but his face appeared through a window. I realized he was Phil Lane (an old friend from Portsmouth, Ohio). He looked ridiculous and I said something about how some things never change. I hadn't seen him in many years and I wanted to talk with him. The woman was apparently his wife or girl friend.

He didn't have time and he quickly left.

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