Dream of: 19 September 1992 (2) "Cross-Section Of The Heart"

I was in a large classroom where a test was being taken. I was having trouble with the test. Right before the test had started, I had spoken with Roger Anderson, and he had told me that only certain questions on the test needed to be answered. But I hadn't written down exactly what Roger had told me, and I couldn't remember which questions needed to be answered. I was answering some questions, but I was unsure I was answering the right ones.

Finally I climbed up on one of the tables (which looked like picnic tables) in the middle of the classroom and hollered out that I wanted to know who was in charge. It appeared a certain man was in charge, and I asked him to tell me which questions we should answer. He said we had to answer certain questions today, certain questions tomorrow, and certain questions the next day. At least now I knew which questions to answer.

I took several steps along the top of the table, then stepped back down off the table to take my seat again. But I couldn't find my seat. I also noticed a group of black people now gathered around the place where I thought my table should be.


I was outside in the hallway of the school. I wanted to go to the library, which was in a building next door. But to do so, I needed permission. I had a small passbook, similar to one I used to have in high school.

A teacher (who looked like senator Robert Dole) was standing by the door leading out of the school. I walked up to him with my passbook and told him I wanted to go to the library. He looked at the passbook, wrote something in it and handed it back to me. I started to go out the door.

Just as I was going out the door, another teacher an older man walked up and asked me if I could take him to the library with me. It appeared that he might be blind. So I told him I would take him and we walked out of the door, headed toward the library. On the way he told me he was looking for something which would show cross-sections of the heart. I thought he was looking for film, but then I realized he was looking for slides. However I couldn't remember the word "slides." So I made a little square with my fingers to indicate that I understood what he was looking for. He confirmed that I was correct. I thought that would be interesting to see cross sections of the heart on slides. I continued, saying that there were many interesting things which could be found in the library. I was also thinking about the audio section of the library, which had many items which could be listened to. We continued walking in the direction of the library.

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