Dream of: 12 September 1992 "The Netherlands"

While driving a blue car in the Netherlands, I stopped at a gas station and walked in. After inquiry, I learned I could purchase mariuana there. I was shown the green marijuana, and wanting to try it before buying any, I rolled a joint, lit it, and passed it around among four other men. After about a third of the joint had been smoked, I was already strongly feeling the effects and was convinced of the potency of the drug.

Ten large plastic baggies of the marijuana were brought out to me. Together they contained one pound of marijuana. When the marijuana was laid in front of me, I was anxious to buy it, but I was also apprehensive that the whole deal might be a set-up and that as soon as I bought the marijuana I would be arrested. It seemed so strange to me that purchasing marijuana was actually legal in the Netherlands.


I was standing in a house where I was living in the United States. I was looking down into the back yard where I could see the blue car I had been driving in the Netherlands. I recalled having driven the car to the house, and I recalled I had hidden the marijuana in the trunk, but I had been so stoned, I couldn't recall if I had taken the marijuana out of the trunk. If I had taken it out, I figured I had hidden it under a large rock lying next to a shed near the car.

I walked back to the bedroom where I had been staying in the house. The house belonged to a relative, perhaps a grand-parent. There was an air duct on the ground and I pulled it up and urinated into the conduit below. I had earlier also thrown some nuts into the conduit. I realized a stench would develop when the nuts and urine began to decompose, but I couldn't do much about it now.

I wanted to go down and check the car for the marijuana, but too many people were around. The car belonged to my father (who seemed somewhat like my actual father and somewhat like Bill Clinton). He was preparing to go somewhere. and I needed to do something about the marijuana, because I knew if he were pulled over by the police for some reason and the marijuana was in the car, he might be arrested. I walked down to the car with him, and when no one was looking, I quickly looked under the rock. The marijuana, which looked like large walnuts, was there. I could relax about my father taking the car.


I was watching a scene where a young man had joined a labor union. The young man's father, Bill Clinton, was running for president. The labor union was opposed to Bill Clinton, and unbeknown to the young man, the labor union was going to try to use the man against Clinton. The plan was to have the young man admit he had used marijuana. The men in the labor union thought this would hurt Clinton. It was still unsure, however, whether the young man would admit he had smoked marijuana in order to hurt his father.

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