Dream of: 11 September 1992 "Cat In A Cage"

I had gone to a large house in the country in another state. I was planning to stay here for a while. Other men and boys, mostly boys, were staying here. In some ways I also seemed childlike. When we walked out into the back yard, I was showed a group of cages where wild animals were raised. Looking into one cage, I saw a large beautiful wild cat inside, perhaps a cheetah. I was concerned because the cage seemed so small, and I was uncertain there was enough room for the cat. However other babies in other cages seemed to have enough room. I thought it was going to be quite interesting seeing how the animals were raised.

I talked to someone who told me the idea was to raise the animals, then someday turn them loose in the wild.

I also noticed some small buildings in the area, and it appeared that some of the people were also living in the small buildings. Some building were extremely tiny, obviously not even having enough room for someone to lie down inside. I was unsure how anyone could live in such tiny buildings.

I ran into Truman outside. I told him I was unsure I was going to be able to stay here because I still had a lot of cases in Dallas to take care of. I thought I might have to go back to Dallas once a month. Or maybe I would only come out to the country for a week out of every month. I was uncertain how I was going to arrange it. I knew I would have to take care of the cases I had in Dallas. But I knew I wasn't going to take on any more cases; I was only going to dispose of the ones which I had. However I was quite uncertain how I would be able to manage everything.

I finally went back into the house. I thought I was really going to like living here. I was glad to be getting away from the Dallas area. Some boys had set up a small black race track in the front room with tiny cars on it. They had some controls which they could work to make the cars move. One little boy was making the cars go around the track. Occasionally one would fly off, but he was pretty good at it. I decided to try it. My car also flew off a couple times. Finally several other boys and I began racing our cars around the track. I had two cars for myself. But I was doing good just to simply stay on the track. Once when one of my cars started to come off, I touched the car with my toe to keep it on the track. However I wasn't very good at racing the car.

I was thinking to myself that there was a lot of different things to do here. I had already done quite a bit here on my first day. I thought I would probably get tired of it after a while. But for the meantime, I knew I was going to enjoy it a lot.

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