Dream of: 04 September 1992 "Clean Bathroom"

I was sitting at a table talking with bankruptcy judge Abramson. He wasn't particularly friendly, but he listened to what I had to say. On the table before me were lying the papers of one of my bankruptcy clients. I told Abramson that I had changed my tactics in practicing bankruptcy, and that if possible, I now developed plans for my bankruptcy clients to pay all unsecured debts.

He seemed unimpressed by anything I said; I realized I was just trying get on his good side.


I stood and walked into a neighboring bathroom, which was old fashioned (like the old house we were in), but clean and well kept. The room was long and at the end was a recess behind the wall. I had the feeling that my friend Wheat might be standing back in the recess and I hoped he wouldn't jump out and try to scare me.

I walked back out of the bathroom. It seemed as if I could hear Wheat and his wife Melanie in there. It sounded as if they might be making love.

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