Dream of: 03 September 1992 "Rescued From Drowning"

I was walking around the Pike County Farm, thinking how much nicer it was going to be since there were no longer any cows there. But when someone pointed out that over 300 cows were still on the farm, I felt disappointed. That meant one couldn't just walk through the fields without being afraid of stepping in cow manure.

Looking around, I saw several cows in the fields. Some were dark red and some were black. Some were nearby. A couple bulls had their noses extended and nostrils expanded as if they were sniffing for something. I concluded that were sniffing a cow in heat which was also standing nearby. When I turned away for a few moments, they all disappeared in the field.

I saw my brother Chris walking around and I was concerned that he might not be able to take care of himself. But he seemed to be doing all right.

I walked toward the house, looking for a toilet. I had recently defecated. I hadn't had any toilet paper and had just pulled my pants up without wiping. Now I was trying to find a toilet with some toilet paper. I remembered that the house didn't have a bathroom and the toilet was outdoors. But I couldn't locate it. I saw that someone had recently mowed the grass in front of the house in preparation for the arrival of guests today. I found a shed, knocked down a large weed in front of the door and walked in. But I couldn't find anything inside and walked back out. I remembered having heard my grandmother Mabel talk before about how an outdoor toilet was just as good as an indoor one. But I didn't think so.

I then got into the back seat of a car which Mabel was driving. My grandmother Leacy was also in the front seat with Mabel. We rode to the back of the house, and I could see the gigantic Ohio River on our right. To our left was a small creek flowing into the Ohio right ahead of us. The land we were on came to a point like a promontory. Mable drove right to the edge and opened her door. When she stepped out she slipped and fell into the muddy water. I was standing outside the car and saw her fall and go under the water. I hesitated for a moment debating whether I should jump in and risk drowning. Then I dived in. I groped for her under the water, but I couldn't find her. Finally I felt her and she grabbed me. I quickly resurfaced with her in my arms. I climbed back up the bank carrying her. A crowd had gathered and someone took her from my arms. It looked as if she were going to live.

My uncle Liston Jr. and my aunt Jesse walked up. Someone commented on what I had done and I said, "It was easier than I thought."

Liston (who apparently was Mabel's son) was particularly grateful. To demonstrate his gratitude he jumped into the water himself, which only came to his chest. I knew the water was warm and I thought of jumping back in myself with him, but I refrained. Jesse stood next to me and said, "He's coming here Saturday for this family convention."

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