Dream of: 30 August 1992 "Sharing An Apartment"

I had gone to an apartment where Carolina and I were going to be living with some of her family members. I was disappointed because the apartment had only two rooms. We would all have to share one small bedroom. I asked how much the apartment was costing and was told it was $610. I told the person we could have gotten a two bedroom apartment just a short ways from here in Arlington, Texas for only $620.


I arrived at a one-room apartment which I was sharing in the day with four other people. My plan was to spend the nights with Carolina in the other apartment and my days in this one-room apartment. I had a large white box in which I was carrying some mail. Glancing through it, I was surprised to see a video tape which looked as if it were X-rated. I thought one of the girls living in the apartment had borrowed it from her aunt and was supposed to return it today.

A blonde-haired woman (probably in her early 20s) was with me and I suggested we watch the tape together. I had previously had sex with the woman and thought the tape would arose her. As soon as I put it on I began undressing her. When she was completely undressed, we were both on the floor on our knees with me behind her. I reached around in front of her and squeezed her firm breasts. I was enjoying myself immensely, thinking I would ask her to do whatever came up on the tape. But to my chagrin the tape ended almost as fast as it began. There had been a few shots of a naked woman, but no sexual acts. The woman with me began dressing and I realized my chance was passing. I picked up a fashion magazine from the floor thinking it might have some hard core porno in it. But it only had a few pictures showing women's breasts. It was of no use to me.

The woman in the room with me quickly left. I noticed that no curtain was on the window and that someone could see in. Worse, the door was open and Ms. Wade (my legal assistant in Dallas for a few months in 1992) walked in. I quickly held a pillow in front of me, lay down in the bed and covered myself up. Wade apparently also lived here and she began looking around the room for something.


I was sitting in a fold-up chair. Five other people were sitting in chairs also. We were in two rows of three. A girl probably in her late teens was next to me and she began talking to me. These six people were the ones I was living with. I thought it was strange to live with them in one room, especially since I was a lawyer earning enough money to live on my own. But at least I was saving money. Jon was also sitting here. The girl was talking of a party which was going to be held tonight. She seemed concerned that Jon might not feel comfortable here and wondered out loud if he would mingle with the other people. I rose to leave and told her I thought both Jon and I would be able to take care of ourselves. I knew we were both rather independent individuals.

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