Dream of: 29 August 1992 "Plate of Vegetables"

As Leland, his wife Susan, and I stood near a large pond in the middle of a forest, I told them I used to go water skiing on the pond years ago, but I hadn't water skied in a long time. As I walked around the pond, I noticed some fish in the water along the shore, and I also saw some pieces of wood sticking up above the surface in the middle of the pond. It would be dangerous to ski on the water with the wood there. I kept looking at the wood until I could see to the bottom of the pond. It looked as if the wood was large railroad ties which had been thrown into the pond. In fact, it looked as if a railroad had once come up to the pond on two opposite sides, and as if someone had torn up the ties and thrown them in the pond.

From one end of the pond I watched Leland peer into the dense vegetation where the railroad tracks appeared to have been. As he began backing up, I saw the head of an extremely large black bear appear from the area where he was looking. I was so disconcerted by the sight I momentarily stood frozen in my tracks. Seeing a small path through the woods to my left, I turned and ran into it as fast as I could.


I found myself on a paved road, where I was picked up by someone in a car. I was taken to a police station where I was told I was under arrest, and was ordered to empty my billfold. I began pulling out bills from different countries. I knew I had American money, but I also had Mexican money, and I first pulled out some Japanese money.

The people began discussing how some people who were arrested claimed to have more money than they actually had. I spoke up and said I thought I knew why. I truthfully stated that the men who had arrested me had talked of how they would take the prisoners' money from them and falsify records. The man who had said this shrank back into his chair, obviously upset.


I was talking to the people arresting me about what I wanted to eat. I told them I wanted only vegetables and I imagined a plate heaped high with many different types of vegetables.

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