Dream of: 28 August 1992 "Struggle For A Ball"

Carolina and I were in a large room where a game was being played, mostly by children, although some adults were also present. It wasn't entirely clear to me exactly what the game was about, although it obviously involved a red ball about the size of a soccer ball. I walked over to a man who apparently was in charge and asked him if adults could also participate, and he told me they could.


Carolina and I returned to the room a second time, ready to participate in the game. This time I was surprised to see the room filled mostly with adults. As the time approached for the game to begin, the people began lining up on a red stripe which was traced around the perimeter of the room.

The room was shaped like a square "U." I debated where would be the best place to be when the game began and decided it would be best to be at the base of the "U." It appeared the idea of the game was to carry the ball to the ends of the "U." I also decided it would be better if Carolina and I were not next to each other, so we could pass the ball to each other if possible.

I understood the idea was for an individual to carry the ball to the ends of the "U," thereby receiving one point. The game would last all day and continue for several days. Carolina and I were already at a disadvantage because one day had already been played and over 100 points had been earned.

After we got in line on the red stripes, a man began explaining some about the game. He talked about how it was important to stay on the stripe when one had the ball, although it appeared clear that people also ran across the room off the stripe with the ball without being penalized.

A ball was then brought out, and another fellow and I grabbed it at the same time. We each tried to wrest it from the other, but neither could succeed. I was sure I should be able to take it from him, but I just couldn't seem to do it. He likewise couldn't get it from me. It was almost as if we were two magnets locked to each other. I said, "Who has the ball?"

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