Dream of: 27 August 1992 "Beetlejuice"

While I was in the house or apartment of a thin black-haired man (probably in his 30s), he pulled out a knife and threatened me with it, letting me know I wasn't going to be able to leave. The room had many windows on several walls. Some windows had wooden lattices, some didn't. I thought I could throw myself through a window, preferably one without lattices, and escape. I hoped I could do it in such a way as not to be cut.

Instead of jumping out the window, at an opportune moment, while the man applying shaving cream to his face, I grabbed him and wrested the knife from him. I pushed him to the floor on his back and pressed the knife against his neck without breaking the skin. He had covered his entire face with shaving cream. I told him he reminded me of Beetlejuice (the character played by Michael Keaton in the movie Beeltejuice).

Our activity was interrupted when I heard someone at the door. I rose and allowed an attractive woman and her daughter to enter. They seemed to know the man and they didn't realize what had just taken place. He meanwhile had wiped the shaving cream from his face, leaving only remnants around his ears. The two newcomers seemed not to detect that anything was awry.

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