Dream of: 26 August 1992 "Sleeping Underwater"

I was swimming in a swimming pool with a little boy (probably 6-7 years old). I dove beneath the water and opened my eyes on the bottom of the pool. The little boy came and sat near me. He was an attractive little chap. But when he made a gesture as if he wanted to touch my penis or even put his mouth on it, I was shocked and fended him off.

I lay under the water and wondered to myself what it would be like if I were to fall asleep. Would I suddenly wake up after having breathed in some water? Would I then drown before I could make it back to the surface?


It was late in the afternoon and I was in the Gallia County Farmhouse. My mother (about 30 years old) was also here. She was thin and had dark hair.

My brother Adolph and I had been swimming earlier that morning and he had drowned. I had carried his body into the Farmhouse, but I hadn't yet told my mother about it.

I asked her to sit down with me on the couch. When she did so I put my arms around her and told her I had something to tell her. But from the way she was acting, I could tell she already knew. In fact I realized there was a brown coffin in the next room and she had already put Adolph's body in it.

I tried to explain to her that Adolph and I had both fallen asleep while we had been swimming. I had awakened and been able to make it to the surface, but he hadn't. I had pulled his body from the water, pressed his chest and watched the water come from his mouth. But I hadn't been able to revive him. I wondered if I had pounded on his chest or used artificial respiration whether it would have made a difference.

My mother seemed furious with me and seemed to want to hurt me. I walked over to a window and saw that many cars were parked all along the road. Then I noticed that people were working in the field on the other side of Symmes Creek. I realized they had all heard about the drowning and had come to help.

We needed to do something about the body. We probably should call a funeral home, but my mother seemed in such a state, I didn't know what to do first.

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