Dream of: 22 August 1992 (2) "Black Buffalo"

I had gone with some people on an excursion into the country. Several of us had gone into a shallow pit in the ground. I found a large rock with multicolored designs on it which had apparently been a root at one time and had turned to stone. When we climbed out of the pit I also saw other brown rocks which were petrified roots and pulled them out. Both the multicolored stone and the brown petrified rock were quite pretty. We carried them over to a place where we were stationed and set them down for the others to see.

One fellow with me showed me some items he had found which appeared to be soap stones. He had somehow carved two to resemble fountains, and had put a bowl at the bottom to hold water. They were quite attractive, and I would have liked to have found some soapstone. In fact I had found a small piece, but not big enough to carve anything out of it.

The fellow explained to me there was a shop nearby which had the tools for carving. Or that a knife could simply be used.

From where we were standing we could see a country road n front of us, and on both sides were fields separated from the road by a barbed wire fence. Suddenly, in the field on the left, we saw a large dark brown animal running toward the fence. It appeared to be a boar, only it was about twice as long as a boar should be. It ran straight into the fence and passed through it, even though one strand of barbed wire scrapped its back. Almost immediately two young men who apparently worked here on the farm ran to the animal. They began cutting away the hair along the line where the barbed wire had scratched the animal. The animal stood peacefully and let them proceed.

On the right side of the road I noticed some black buffalo grazing and approaching the fence line. One calf looked as if it might have been injured and had a bit of blood on it. I was uncertain whether the buffalo were going to try to pass through the fence also.

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