Dream of: 22 August 1992 "Worth Knowing"

In a large gymnasium, I was taking part in a yoga class with perhaps 100 other people. After numerous yoga exercises, we all lay on our stomachs, reached back over our heads with our hands and grabbed our feet, one at a time. I was surprised to find that I was so limber I could pull my feet to the back of my head. In fact, I was able to pull both my feet around and painlessly place them over my shoulder so they were resting on both sides of my face. I then raised myself on my hands and began walking around the room on my hands. Since this was the last exercise, I wanted to demonstrate to people how limber I was. I didn't feel as if I were showing off; I just wanted people to see what was possible.

I waddled over to an attractive black-haired woman (probably in her 30s) who particularly interested me. After I had disentangled myself, we walked together into a small room. I didn't know her well, but I wanted to. I needed someone to talk with; she reminded me of Eloise LaGrone, only she didn't have any money. She was planning to be a medical doctor.

A mirror was in the room; I looked at myself. I had no ambitions to be anything like a doctor, but there was something special about me which made me worth knowing.

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