Dream of: 16 August 1992 (3) "Lopsided Throw"

I was riding in car in Gallia County along the paved road which leads to Southwestern High School. We were passing through a wooded area, and I enjoyed being driven so I could concentrate on looking at the surrounding countryside. We passed two men dressed in uniforms on the right. One had a khaki colored uniform and the other was dressed in blue. They both had walkie talkies and appeared to be scanning the woods in search of something. I had earlier been walking along the road and had noticed such men before. It appeared that a search was going on for someone.


I was standing alone on the side of the road. A building was on the other side of the road and people were gathered around it. I didn't want to go to the building -- I wanted to leave. I saw that if I would climb a steep bank I could get to a highway and either walk along it or take another road off from it. But when I started up the bank, I saw that it was steeper than I had thought and I backed back down. Looking at it more closely, I was uncertain I would be able to get on the road by going up the bank. But I did see some people descending the bank from the road.

I sat down to think about it. Continuing to look up, I noticed some women (probably in their early 20s) walking along a road above me, and realized I could see up their dresses. The first woman I looked at was wearing some black underwear which came all the way down to the top of her knees. But the second one was wearing a pair of skimpy black panties. I stared as hard as I could.

Suddenly I saw a group of fellows descending the hill just as one threw a football to me. Its spiral was perfect and it appeared to be headed straight to my head. I raised my hands to catch it, but I was too late, and it whizzed right past my right ear.

I stood and retrieved the football. As I held it in my hand I thought I would like to buy a football for myself and find someone with whom I could play toss. I threw it back to the men, who were now sitting down. But my throw was lopsided and the ball careened to the ground. I looked back at the highway and prepared to tackle the hill.

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